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Simplified Rules of Play

Candies U6:  3 v 3  (Two 12 minutes halves, 3-5 minute half-time)

The players will never use their hands during this format of play.  Each team has only 3 players on the field and there is no goalie.    If a ball goes out of bounds, the team which did not kick the ball out will be given the chance to kick the ball in from the point the ball left the field.  All of these kick-ins are indirect kicks, meaning they must be touched by another player on the field before they can go into the goal.  If the ball goes out on the end-line the result is either a goal kick or a corner kick, depending upon which team kicked it out of bounds.  Goal kicks are just like out of bounds kick-ins off the end line.  Opposing players need to give 4-5 feet of space to the player kicking the ball in.  

Player substitutions can be made during any dead ball (out of bounds, score, end of half,etc.)
We allow one coach on each team to help the players on the field and we also utilize these coaches to help assist with the refereeing of the game. Every player must have shin guards to play.  

This age group uses a size #3 ball.


Passers U8:  4 v 4 (Two 15 minute halves, 5 minute half-time)

This format, like the Candies, plays with no goalie and four players from each team.  The opening kick and all out of bounds kicks are indirect kicks.  The only noticeable difference in this age group from the Candies is the addition of a goal box in front of each team's goal.  Players are NOT allowed to touch the ball in this box, and if the ball stops in this box the defending team is awarded a goal kick. If a defending player touches the ball in this box a penalty kick is awarded to the attacking team.  This penalty kick is a free kick taken from the penalty mark on the field.
Non-coach referees are in charge of this age group and they will moderate the game as best as they can.  Overly aggressive or dangerous play will result in fouls being called and may result in direct kicks being awarded.  Direct kicks do not require another player to touch the ball prior to it going into the goal.
Substitutions can be made during any dead ball or stoppage of play by notifying the referee.
Shin guards are required of all players.  

This age group uses a size #3 ball.


Wings (Under 11yo)   9 v 9  (two 20 minute halves and a 5-10 minute half-time)

We typically use either 9 or 10 players from each team on the field at a time, depending upon the number of players available per team.  This age groups is where soccer begins to resemble what you see on TV or at the high school level.  Goalies are included and out of bounds are now throw-ins.  Player must keep both feet on ground during throw-in. s Ball must be thrown in directly over head, with both hands on ball.s  This age groups is also where off-sides begins to be called.  Off-sides is when the attacking team has a player closer to the goal than the defending teams closest defender (goalie doesn't count).  If the attacking team attempts to pass it to this player the referees will call off sides and award the defending team a free kick from the spot of the infraction.  More explanation/examples of this can be found at 

We typically like to have two referees on the field for these games as the field is too large for a single referee to handle. 

Shin guards are required of all players.  

This age group uses a size #4 ball.  

Kickers (Under 14 yo)  11 v 1 1(two 25 minutes halves and a 5-10 minute half-time)

Full-sided teams will play on a field that is slightly larger than the Wings age group.  The same rules that are used in the Wings age group will be used here.  Off-side will be called and throw-ins are expected.  At least one referee will be present for these games, although we try to have two. Substitutions can be made during any dead ball or stoppage of play by notifying the referee.

All players are expected to have shin guards.  

This age group uses a size #5 ball.


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